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CEREC® in Renton, WA

A CEREC restoration is a porcelain crown or onlay that is custom-designed and fabricated using CAD/CAM technology. The doctors at Renton Dental Arts use CEREC restorations to reinforce and protect teeth that are too damaged or fragile to restore with a filling alone.


Traditional crown preparation requires wet impressions to be taken and sent to a lab for construction, introducing variables that can affect the final product. The CEREC systems utilize 3D scans of the teeth, resulting in a more accurate digital impression and a highly precise fit. A more-exact fit positively affects the durability and longevity of the restoration. Also, unlike lab-produced crowns, CEREC crowns are designed and fabricated right here in our Renton dental office and do not require you to wear a temporary crown for two weeks and return for a “seat” appointment.

CEREC Treatment

After local anesthesia is administered, one of our Renton dentists will prepare the tooth to be crowned by cleaning out any broken or decayed areas and building up the remaining structure until it is the ideal shape and size. An intraoral camera is used to take several images of the teeth; then you may sit up and watch your dentist design your new crown on the CEREC computer. After the crown is designed and milled, there is only a quick try-in before it is glazed, crystallized, polished, and ready for the final fit-check and cementation. The entire procedure is completed within a few hours.

Caring for Your CEREC Restoration

A tooth with a CEREC restoration may be cared for in the same manner as any other natural tooth—with daily brushing and flossing. This significantly adds to the life expectancy of the crown. These and any other dental care aids may be utilized immediately after the crown is fixed in place.

At Renton Dental Arts, our dentists and team are committed to patient comfort and satisfaction; we are diligent to keep up with the latest in CEREC technology and training. This ensures that your CEREC restoration treatment is not only effective, but lasts for years to come.

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